The Best of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico offers a very diverse quantity of experiences. Culture and adventure go hand to hand in the island’s unique offerings. On the coast you can find stunning beaches but drive just 25 minutes and you can visit the mountains for a completely different experience. There is something to see on any corner and natural attractions are there waiting for you. There are thrills for the adrenaline seeker and laidback local experiences with great food for the more chill traveler.

Here is the the ultimate list for what to do in Puerto Rico:

Adventure #1: Rainforest to El Yunque 


The rainforest El Yunque is a very unique place as it is the only tropical rainforest in the US Forest system. The biodiversity here is one of the richest in the planet with native species of birds, flowers, and more flora than you can count. Enjoy a true hike full of adventure and visit the parts that have waterslides, waterfalls and the natural pools. All the while, learning about different species of plants and ecosystems. This adventure is certainly a highlight!

To get here you will need a rental car or you can book a tour with one of our trusted tour operators.

Drive time: 45 minutes from San Juan
Town: Fajardo

Adventure #2:  Window cave and Waterfall


Just 1-hour west of San Juan City there is a cave frozen in time almost as if the native Indians were still there. After just a short hike, travelers enter a cavern that offers a view of a lifetime. The Window Cave is just one of a system of caves in Arecibo where you can experience a true immersion into nature. In this excursion you will learn about plant species, bats and how the ecosystems within the caves work. Some parts of this tour involve venturing into pitch black areas and doing a little bit of hiking.  Not far from the cave there is a wonderful waterfall with local and authentic feel. The hike is not hard but it will get you wet so it is important to be ready with swimwear and water shoes.

Around the area there are many wonderful restaurants to visit  after the days adventures have ended! Arecibo is near the coastline so the seafood is fresh and highly recommended.

Drive time: 60 minutes from San Juan
Town: Arecibo

Adventure #3: Secret infinity pool


Not too many tourists know about this secret natural wonder, but locals are going crazy for this infinity pool that provides one of the must Instagram worthy pictures on the island. Imagine swimming on a natural infinity pool inside a rainforest surrounded by nature. The hike is just a short 30 minutes of beautiful  flora, butterflies and wonderful views. Cayey is the home to the so called “route of the pork” so there are a variety of restaurants serving authentic puertorrican lechón (pork), chicharron, and rice and beans.

Drive time: 85 minutes from San Juan
Town: Cayey

Adventure #4 Charco Azul and Arenal Cavern


Located in the town of Vega Baja there is a very unique water pond called Charco Azúl. This natural spot is  famous because of the blue color that reflects off of the water when the sun hits it. Visitors get to go on a relaxed hike, swim in the cold blue waters and explore the Arenal Caverns next to it. For parking, there is a gentleman by the name of Luis that lets you park in his house for a small, $3, fee. To best enjoy the adventure, bring swimwear or sandals.

Drive time: 50 minutes from San Juan
Town: Vega Baja

Adventure #5 Old San Juan Evening Walk


Old San Juan is a tourist paradise. There is history everywhere, scenic views and more bars/restaurants that you can count. In the evening, the magic begins. There is a number of business that only open after 5pm and offer an unique night time only experience. The city gets a different vibe at night and seeing it offers a true Boricua immersion.

Drive time: 5 minutes from San Juan
Town: Old San Juan

Adventure #6 Mountain Climb to Pico Rodadero


One of the most iconic views of the south is the famous  Pico Rodadero. What used to be an ancient rock forest for the native Indians to connect with their gods is now a must do Instagram picture in your next trip to PR. To add this spot to your adventure list, you may want to consider staying in nearby towns like Ponce or Cabo Rojo and taking the chance to see a world of other amazing experiences in the west side of the island. The hike from the parking to the peak is around 30 minutes. Come prepared with water and hiking shoes/regular shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy, and snacks. Once at the top, you will enjoy breathtaking views and amazing fresh air unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Drive time: 120 minutes from San Juan
Town: Yauco

Adventure #5 Biobay Kayaking


Adventure out to this nighttime experience of the most amazing excursions on a kayak. There you will meet our glowing little partners called Pyrodinium Bahamense, microscopic planktons capable of producing natural light at the touch of your hand! Explore these amazing organisms up close and discover all their secrets. Learn how this fragile and unique ecosystem maintains a perfect balance of life and what you can do to protect this special place. There are various tour operators to chose from that start around $55 to $100 USD.

Drive time: 45 minutes from San Juan
Town: Fajardo

Puerto Rico is an up and coming adventure with something for everyone: from good hikes, waterfalls, sightseeing, mountain life, world renowned beaches, great food and lots of culture, you are certain to find something to make your vacation perfect. If you are interested in taking these trips but don’t have 2 months to explore, we recommend the Puerto Rico Instagram Tour. In this experience, you will visit a good amount of these places in a single day.  The island in general is safe, people are warm and always looking for an excuse to party and celebrate so you are sure to feel welcomed.  Both budget travelers and luxury fans have plenty of options to choose from.

Adventure into the real Puerto Rico with Spotin Tours. We offer tours that give the authentic local experience! Enjoy the island with locals and as a local. Follow our blog and social media pages in Instagram/facebook under @spotinpr.

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Author: Bryan Bou

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